Monday, February 7, 2011

My Papa

The standard of all men I encounter is my grandpa, i.e. Papa. This is a tough act to follow. All of the Chuck Norris jokes don't compare. Him and my grandma have the cutest love story EVER. Which I will eventually share. Like, their love story beats all love stories to a PULP!!. AND Him and his 4 brothers (H.L, Jim, Bob, and Joe) beat up everyone in Pelzer, SC at some point. They were so bad ass. Like, there is a picture of H.L from the war with his shirt open, dog tags showing, smoking a cigarette, with a huge rifle in one hand. That's how cool they are. But Papa's like really sensitive too and you know that even though he's cussing you out and saying things like "damn girl, you got shit for brains?", he's saying it because he really cares and loves you. NO JOKE. He's kind of my hero and he's the best replacement dad ever. He had a fall last week and broke his elbow, so he's in the rehab part of the hospital. He's also had mini strokes since last August, and he's so cool that just like last year after his first strokes, I'm sure he is getting up at like 5am, getting completely dressed (slacks, shoes, the whole bit) and sitting in a chair next to his bed in the hospital. You would never guess he was a patient there. LOVE MY PAPA!!

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