Tuesday, May 17, 2011

O Mansion

Last night I went to a lovely dinner party with a few homies from work: shout out Andrei, Martin, Stella, Kathryn, and Jenna! The restaurant/amusement house is called the O Mansion. Apparently its so cool that you have trouble knowing about it and finding it. Even though it was super close by and near Dupont Circle, we had no idea it was there. But, luckily you read my blog and I can tell you EXACTLY where it is. See, aren't you glad you read my post? must read more!!

Okay, so maybe it's not that hard to find considering you can google it and see exactly where it is. But I SWEAR I kept hearing people say "I had no clue this place was here". And it really is just a collection of beautiful brownstones connected with a tiny sign outside, so I did kind of help. The place was awesome and I'm totally taking my mommy there. Every floor was crazy decorated, magical, and beautiful. See picture below of amazing, magical, beautiful ladies modeling the newest hat fashions out of DC!

The Internet and Me....A Blossoming Relationship

Ok, so it's been months since I made a post. Which doesn't really matter since the only followers I have is myself and a very good high school friend who is following me out of pity. Shout out to Katherine!! But I have a dream and must persevere!!

So, I was thinking this weekend of how amazing it is that we have the internet today. I can write and basically publish my thoughts free of charge! I can have ideas and share them with a whole community of people. I'm sure almost everyone else has already made this realization and I think I logically was already aware of this, but the full impact had not reached me yet. I don't know what will become of me publishing randomness...but you never know....something unexpected might come of it and at the very least, its pretty awesome that at least someone else will see it.

Really awesome book I'm reading: